Once the reception is over, how comforting would it be to know that the wedding party and guests will be driven safely back to the hotel. Even more comforting, is knowing you weren't paying for idle time while you were inside celebrating.

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We know there are a lot of elements to planning your big day, and considering the transportation is no exception.  We offer peace of mind the minute you secure your event with us, allowing you to concentrate on all the other planning details.  Our wedding packages offer budget friendly prices and options to split up the rental hours so that you don't pay for costly idle time while you are celebrating at the reception.


Let us comfortably get you to all of those perfect destinations to capture that perfect picture. You can opt for separate pick ups for the guys and gals so that you can capture the first look in the perfect place.


All the planning and execution of all those details come down to this moment. CELEBRATE! Enjoy your time with friends and family and don't think twice about paying for the costly idle time while you are dancing the night away.

The Pre-Party!

Don't forget to pass our name on to the maid of honor and best man for the pre-party to it all. We offer special incentives for the pre-party when wedding transportation is secured.


We do hundreds of weddings on My Party Bus, and we still feel honored when we are chosen to be a part of such a big event.

My Party Bus was founded out of personal frustration when we tried to rent a party bus for a special occasion.  We couldn't believe the inflated price quotes we received.

We recognized there was a huge gap in the market from some companies with $100K buses down to the converted school buses that simply wasn't an option for our event.

We took aim at the gap occupied by the majority of people that are looking for a legitimate company, with very nice buses, at price points that were in line with most budgets. 

So, our creed is to provide you with a safe, affordable, and with an over the top satisfaction travel option.

Our buses are not $100K coaches, and our pricing reflects that.  We leave that to the other crowded category that needs to get that ultra-premium rate to cover their overhead. Instead, our buses are half that much and completely re-customized to meet our high standards and priced too accommodate the everyday person, just like we needed over a decade ago.


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