Split Option Party

My Party Bus was first to introduce the three hour split option years ago. As a result, we have quickly grew to become Cincinnati's busiest party bus company.  You can avoid paying for costly idle time while you're at a concert, reception, ball game, or simply partying at your favorite club.

Whether we are staying with you throughout the night or splitting up our three hour minimum, we are simply honored that you have chosen us to celebrate your event.

Option 1- Continuous Party

With this package, you have decided that your party is going to be visiting many different clubs or venues during your night, and you will need the party bus curbside and ready to roll when you are.

A quick text to your driver letting him know you are ready for the next stop on your itinerary and he will swoop you up and you can party your way to the next destination.

You can rent us for the three hour minimum, but you have no limit as to how long you can keep us around.  Our fun drivers will end up becoming your new best friend during these type of events.

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Option 2- The Split Option

Our split package has quickly become popular amongst our guests for many reasons.  One thing we quickly learned is that nobody wants to pay for idle time.  We heard you, and now we give you that option.

How it works

When you split up our three hour minimum, you get the first two hours at the beginning of your night to ramp up your party and make a few stops along the way to your destination.

At the end of the second hour, we drop you off at a location where you will be spending the biggest part of your night. We require you to be off the bus a minimum of two consecutive hours to qualify as a split.  It can be as many hours as you need, just not less than two. You can only use the split option once throughout your night.

When we return to get your party, the last hour is saved to safely party your way back home. In some cases, you can reverse the order of the split by using an hour at the beginning and two hours after your split.  Just let us know what works best for your event. You cannot save just 30 minutes for the end of the night pick up.  It's been our experience that not much happens in just 30 minutes.

With this option, you can be out as many hours as you like, but only pay us for three.

Need more time?

You can always add additional hours on the front or backside of your night. This is still the best option for keeping your budget in check.

How much?

The fee for the split option is a flat $590 for the smaller buses, and $710 for the larger buses.  This price includes the rate, and a $50 fee we charge to leave and return to get you.

**The split option can not be used when traveling out of the Cincinnati area, such as Dayton, Lexington, Louisville, etc.