Google it... Want to taste the vast selection of beer that Cincy has to offer, book with us! There are dozens and dozens of historical and emerging breweries to visit, and we want you to be in charge of your own taste bud's destiny. If you want to spend more time drinking beer rather than learning the ratio of hops to barley, then this is the program for YOU!

Again, this all about you. YOU choose the day, YOU choose the start time, and YOU choose what brewery we visit. We pick YOU up at your location in one of our party buses and safely return you back home, no Uber required.


For over a decade. we have played a part in thousands of events and celebrations, with the focus on our customers exceptional service.  So when we decided to offer a brewery pub crawl, why would we change the rules now? 

Choose the date and start time


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Craft Crawls FAQ's

Q. Is the whole amount due upon making a reservation?

A. Nope, All we require is a $100 deposit to secure your event. You can choose to pay for your event with that card the day of, or in cash or check upon our arrival.

Q. Do you pick up at our home?

A. Yes, we don't feel right taking you on beer tours and then having you figure out how to get home. Have all your friends meet you at your home and the party starts and ends there.

Q. Are there any limits to where pick up location can be?

A. We service the greater Cincinnati area, If we have to travel more than 10 miles OUTSIDE of the 275 loop, there is a $25 fuel charge for every 10 miles OUTSIDE of that buffer area.

Q.How many breweries can we visit?

A. As many as you can squeeze in for the times you have us secured. You can choose a 4 or 5 hour event

Q. Can we bring and drink beer on the bus?

A. Of course, otherwise we would have named our company My Bus, instead of My Party Bus!

Q. Can we use the split option on these craft Crawls?

A. No, but if you need a split option party, you are welcome to book one of our buses for such an event HERE . Wanna chat about your event, just give us a call to discuss the best way to book it.

Q. Is the tip built in to the price?

A. No, gratuity averages between 15-20%.  Don't forget to take care of your dazzling driver.

Q. How many can fit on the bus

A. The minimum to book is 10 beer drinkers and the max is 16.  If you have more, simply call us to see if we have a larger bus available for the times you need.

Q. Can A gift card purchased on this site be used for any event?

A.No, they are only good for craft crawls. 

Q. Does your tour include samples at each brewery?

A. Nope.  Our research indicated from vast survey groups, that most people would not have chosen the samples provided and would rather just order the beer they want to try.  Our rate reflects the discount provided by not offering you samples at each place.

Q. Does your tour offer snacks?

A. Nope, but you're welcome to bring some on. 

Q. Can we visit any other place other than a brewery?

A. Sorry, but no.  This program is a craft crawl only.  We have many other buses that do other types of events and would have to be booked through our main website.

All brewery crawls are either 4 or 5 hours long. Capacity for each event is 16 and a minimum number to call it a party is 10.  This is a brewery crawl only, if you are interested in other events with other pubs and clubs. click HERE to get info on our party bus options. In some cases, 24 passenger buses may be option, Call us to check availability.

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