Helpful Tips:

A successful party is a well planned party.

  • Carefully consider how much time you will need.  Don't cut it too close as you may not have the option of adding time to your event once it's secured

  • Try not to wait until your sitting in the bus to lay out your night.

  • When possible, try to keep your pick up and drop offs to one location. Spend your time partying on the bus, not picking people up. this is always a drag for the first person on and the last person off.

  • Don't turn your event in to a marathon. The best advice we can give you, is knowing when to end it. We want to drop you off when you're still having fun, not carrying you in to your house :-)

  • Pace yourself and encourage others to do the same. We want you to remember how much fun you had on our party buses.

  • Consider our split option. you can stay out as long you need and only pay us for three hours.

You must be 21 to book an event.

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Once your party is booked, any changes to the itinerary must be approved in writing.  Please communicate with our staff as soon as possible if you feel you may need to alter the itinerary in any way.

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Helpful Tips